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For Michael, a nice but naïve, slightly clumsy twenty-something with an unimaginative job title, there are many questions about life he has yet to consider. But when he bumps into Holly, a quirky, perpetually positive aspiring photojournalist, his whole concept of life begins to change. As their lives collide, and sparks begin to fly, it quickly becomes apparent that not only will Holly’s influence change the very course of his life, but so too the lives of everyone around him.


They say that when you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes, but for Michael, life has only just begun.









"The city before me fades, and I find myself staring instead at my own reflection.


When you tell a story, where do you begin?


I turn and allow my gaze to roam the faces of  my family as they surround me here, in this place.


I think of all that has passed, and all that I have achieved and how I achieved it, and I realise that, in this story at least, there can only be one true place to start.


I must start with her."



-- Second Edition back cover





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